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  1. Emma

    If Its not one thing its another!!

    Unfortunately it happened so close to when the markets suspended that even with all the backups It wouldn't have helped. I think all these points are definitely worth doing tho. I will look into bet angel now and im thinking of just buying a windows laptop at some point this month
  2. Emma

    If Its not one thing its another!!

    Thank you guys
  3. Emma

    2018 January 5th Friday

    Glad your not giving up David, when I lose I go into training mode for a few days and that way I lose my attachment to the loss. Hope today goes well for you
  4. Emma

    If Its not one thing its another!!

    Hi all, So I was trading the mutts and doing well this week breaking even with live trading. Im not a fan of betrader but for now it will have to do until I can get a windows laptop. I had my mac optimised and running sweet…. then my router crashes 20 secs before the off and yes you guessed it I was on the lay side and couldn't get out fast enough. Seriously if its not one thing its another. So frustrating! I spent 40 mins on chat yesterday to the internet provider and they are sending me a new router next week. So for a few days I will go back to 'training mode'. The thing is in trying mode I'm able to consistently make profit but every time I'm back live something happens or I'm not in the right frame of mind. Enjoy the Welsh Grand National and keep smiling I will be back Emma
  5. Emma

    Xmas Eve Trading

    Im definitely thinking of getting a trading only windows pc and using geeks toy….
  6. Emma

    Xmas Eve Trading

    My biggest problem is that bet trader keeps crashing on me! Did you have this problem?
  7. Emma

    29th Dec 2017

    Update of the past few days since the last entry.
  8. Emma

    Xmas Eve Trading

    Yep, thats what Ive been trying to change. I think the time out did me good tho. Boxing day was tough, too many markets
  9. Emma

    Xmas Eve Trading

    Hi, Its fair to say I've had a bit of drama when it comes to getting some money into Betfair, I've tried changing my limit and it wasn't registering. Then I would get attitude on the chat. Anyway on Christmas eve I put £10 in. Its not enough to be able to cover the liabilities and can get a bit frustrating but I managed to make some money on the greyhounds and US horse racing. I hope you all had a nice holiday and good luck for the boxing day racing today Emma
  10. Emma

    Waiting Game….

    Thank you David
  11. Emma

    Waiting Game….

    Hi all, I've been trading for about 5 weeks now and I'm in the red for just less than £50. I don't mind this because I believe I've paid £10 a week to learn how to trade. So far my biggest problems have been learning to use and understand the software, (I use Bet trader as it is the only one that would work on a mac without any extra programs running). Other problems include over staking, letting things go in play (not understanding the software again) and the dreaded spikes, not being able to control the losses the price runs off 20 ticks. To be honest thats the reason why I bought this ebook yesterday…. but I think I will also use a stop loss from now on if I lose a few ticks its got to be better than losing 20 ticks. I'm waiting a few days until I'm able to deposit again as I had a really low limit set. My plan as always will be to deposit £25 which will be added to my balance of £1.87. I will mainly trade the GG's and the Mutts. By writing this blog I'm hoping it will make me more disciplined with the amount of races I trade and my staking plan, I have a tendency to want to carry on trading because I enjoy it so much and end up getting tired and blowing my profit. For now I need to stake 5% (this would be £1 stakes but I will have to use £2 of course until the bank is bigger) to make 5% profit. Thanks for reading and I will be back in a few days time with some results after I am able to trade Emma.