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    Rule 4 - Betfair

    Thanks a lot @zitlor. The reduction factor is only applied when you close the position in-play or also before the off?
  2. Rxking

    Rule 4 - Betfair

    Hi Guys Sorry if this was already asked before, but Rule 4 is still a brain-crack for me. Yesterday, I was scalping (back to lay) a horse around @60 and another horse was called non-runner just before the off (27% impact). Fortunately, I was trading with micro stakes (2€) and let it until the end, to avoid any mistake I would regret after. So, my question is, what should I do if this happens again? I was afraid of scratching it and having a huge loss (if the horse wins the race). Sorry if my English wasn't clear enough, but I'm Portuguese and it's hard to put all the thoughts in the correct words Thanks in advance Ps. I'll introduce myself later on the right topic. Cheers