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Found 4 results

  1. Tomas

    6.4. Important Events

    As I said above, the more money involved, the more you can earn (or lose). The biggest events of the year attract the largest amount of money. Below is my list of the biggest events in order of importance: Cheltenham Festival Royal Ascot Grand National Glorious Goodwood These are multi-day events and you can usually have much bigger stakes on them. As a result, you can earn more (or lose more) than usual. Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot are the biggest weeks of the year. < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
  2. Ascot 136 (VOICE & END).mp4 Description: 0:12 – Because of the superb liquidity on high profile events like the Royal Ascot and Cheltenham Festival, you can start trading much earlier than usual. I usually start about 30 minutes before the official start of the race. 0:37 – I jump in at the top of the price band and Back @8.2 to be in a good queue position. 1:23 – Increasing my Back position @8.2. I’m confident that this liquid market won’t go wildly against me and I’m at the top of the market. 2:26 – Another increase of my Back position. On Royal Ascot and Cheltenham, you can have much bigger stakes than usual. I’m always ready with my cursor to quickly scratch if the market goes against me. 4:38 – The market goes in my favour and I have a 2 tick profit. 4:58 – I don’t think it will go down any further, so I take the profit. On big events, market movements are usually not very quick and wild. You have to be quite precise with your positions. 6:26 – I believe the market will go up again, so I Lay @7.80 and I try to make the market. 11:52– There was a bigger amount matched on Back, so I scratch my position in order to be safe. 14:45 – The Back side is weakening, so I quickly cancel my Back bet @7.8 and try to reverse my position by jumping to Lay @7.8 instead. 17:29 – I place the rest of my open position to Back. 20:16 – Someone has Layed a lot of money and the Back side has disappeared. Then the market starts to panic and the price quickly goes up. I’m quite sure it will settle down after a while and a correction will follow after this spike. 20:39 – I gradually exit my open position with the scale out technique. 21:04 – The market is back to its previous level and I exit the rest of the position. 21:31 – It seems like the market wants to go down because the money starts to appear on the Back side. I immediately reverse my position by placing quick bets @7.8. That means I match my own Lay bet and I also have an open Back position. 22:29 – The move down has slowed and some big Back bets have disappeared. It’s the right time to exit the trade. 22:53 – I believe the market has reached the bottom, so I jump into the queue with my Lay @7.4. But I cancelled it shortly afterwards, and to be honest, I don’t know why. It could have been a good position. 23:35 – The Lay side is stronger and the Back side is weakening. I jump in again to take advantage of my previously placed Back bet, which is first in the queue. Back to Big Races & Motivation ↑ Back to Queue Position ↑ Back to Price Bands ↑ Back to Market Making ↑ Back to Position Reversal ↑ Back to Spikes & Corrections ↑ Back to Scale Out ↑ < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
  3. Tomas

    Clarence House Chase

    Meeting: Ascot
  4. Tomas


    A bigger meeting this Saturday.