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Found 48 results

  1. I may be slow but I am moving forwards not backwards. TRADING VIDEO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 5

    So, after yesterday's loss, I focused on keeping all the rules in place today. No rush, good preparation, discipline and a relaxed mind. And there really is no problem when I combine all of these ingredients together. The result from today is very good - I have recovered from the loss and even added something in an extra profit. To be honest - I would never believe it is possible to double my small trading bank in just 1 day. Dogs really helped me to achieve this result - I did improve my trading bank before the horse racing started around 13:30 (UK time). So I was able to use higher stakes on horses. I have also recorded some videos today - 7 greyhound races and 5 horse races. I recorded all of these videos without voiceover because - when I trade, I need to concentrate on what I'm doing in the market. And to be honest, speaking in English during the trading would not help me - some of you may know how long it took me to add voice overs to videos in my book. It's because of combination of these two factors: I'm not a native English speaker (sorry to those of you who have to read the grammar hell on my posts ) I just want to focus/concentrate on trading. I hope these videos will be interesting even without my voice. Greyhounds: Horses: Today's stats: And my account balance: The current equity: Greyhound racing video: (Update June 24, 2018 - YouTube censored this video today) Horse racing video: (Update June 24, 2018 - YouTube censored this video today) Update June 24, 2018. Those videos were online for more than 9 months. Now, an automated YouTube algorithm decided to take it down: ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!
  3. Tomas

    BETDAQ Trading Challenge - Day 1

    I have started with the challenge today. I had no expectations or goals, I just wanted to observe how markets behave on Betdaq. As mentioned in my previous post, I am not connected to Betfair at all. I want to see if I can recognize trading patterns solely by using Betdaq. The short answer is yes - I can see some opportunities. However, I have also discovered few hurdles along the way. Betdaq API The first issue is the Betdaq API. It's not as advanced as Betfair API. You can't get quick streaming prices from Betdaq and if you refresh too often, you can be blacklisted. Then, you won't be allowed to place bets via API. Until I understood what's going on, it caused me several losing trades. It's a very good idea to have Betdaq website opened when trading. I have used the cash out button on their website many times today. The other thing with Betdaq API (or the software itself?) is that sometimes, bets are sort of "stuck in limbo". I have made two screenshots, both from Bet Angel & Geeks Toy to show you that it was happening in both of them: On the second Ladder, you can see my £10 Back bet @3.85. It should be matched but the software doesn't show that. It caused me some confusion until I figured out what to do. Another case - in the first Ladder, you can see that I do have an open position. However, Betdaq website shows that my position is hedged. Which is true? Betdaq website. In the software, it sometimes freezes like this and I had to check my position on the website. It happened in both Bet Angel & Geeks Toy several times during the day. Bet in limbo - it seems like an API call is lost for 18 seconds. That's true, but this particular API call should place my Back bet and close my position in the market. This is not an ideal situation because I had to manually submit another Back bet and wait if the lost bet will go through. It went through after a while and I had an open position again. As you can see, all of that happened after the official start of the race. Quite risky situation and I don't know how to avoid it. It only happened once today. Again - software is showing me an open position in the market but the website tells me quite opposite. Until I discovered what is happening in the market, I lost some money. So that's it - I wasn't able to rely on the trading software 100% of the time. That is quite disappointing but I think I can work with that. The important fact is to understand that Betdaq website is the single source of truth about my position. In the case of emergency, I have to check the website and close my position there. Other than that, I was quite happy with Betdaq. Since I last traded there, the liquidity has definitely improved. I am curious how the markets will look like during the week, Saturdays are always stronger... My Results: I started with £50 in my account: And I made this result: Current Bank: Stats: Markets traded: 36 Losing trades: 15 Strike rate: 58.3% I think there is a big room for improvement of these results because many of the losing trades were caused by misbehaving software. It's just a start of a small adventure and exploring something new. Does anyone have some experience with trading on Betdaq?
  4. Hi everybody I'll try to publish my results of trading 1000 horse race markets. I may trade some other too but only hr will count up to 1000. The reason of doing that is of course Discipline. I want to discipline my self not going inplay. There are a lot of jump racing right now. The temptation of going inplay especially when the fav is odds on is very high. I just hope that my commitment of publishing results here will set me free from this habit. I will try my best. There will be RARE situations when I go inplay. These exceptions are going to happen ONLY when the market will meet certain conditions which are SET in my rules. I predict around 30markets of potential candidates. That is expected maximum. In reality may be less than that or more. Starting bank is ~ £500. By the end of Feb I think I will end my challenge. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Well I have more days than that. Tomorrow (11.01.2019) is the starting point. Let's hope I've got enough will power to get this up to the end as there are already shades of thoughts in my mind that it's gonna be hard. The instant gratification of inplay markets generated lots of dopamine in the past. BUT I will do my best. thanks for reading. Ronald
  5. Tomas

    April Greyhound Trading Summary

    I owe you this summary. At the beginning of April I started a challenge in which I aimed to trade greyhounds. It turned out that I wasn't able to dedicate as much time as I wanted to this challenge because of some personal stuff. However, I was still able to do a few races here and there and instead of describing every day separately, I decided to just sum up everything in one blog post at the end of the month. So here it is! The profit since my last update on 9th April: The total profit for the whole April: Stats for the whole April: Equity for the whole April: So yes - it was a profitable challenge despite I hoped for being able to trade much more races. In total, I was able to trade on 403 greyhound races in April and the average profit per race was £0.531. I think that isn't too bad but there is definitely a room for improvement. I think I could achieve at least £1 per race on average. And that may be a very nice income if you are living in a not very expensive country like Vietnam, like @Ricardo Do As you can see from the equity, I was able to prevent early suspensions for the rest of the month. My strategy was simple - I ended my trading at least 20 seconds before the off. Unfortunately, I missed some really nice opportunities because of this approach but I preferred safety over risk. @Tommy gave me a useful information that watching a live video is a great help in determining when the race will actually start but I didn't test this out yet. That's all from me for now! I recommend you to join our trading group on WowApp, there is some really nice talk happening every day! Happy trading!
  6. Yesterday I had a chance to trade greyhounds for almost 3 hours and this is the result: Nice and steady. I think the evening racing has a better liquidity but these afternoon races were good as well. Btw, I'm not using big stakes to achieve these results. Greyhounds are nice for their high volatility which is good when using smaller stakes. With a small stake you can achieve a nice ROI. Something like this for example: 13.64% ROI on my maximum exposure in this market... On the other hand, you can't scale too much. On the other other hand, there are tons of these markets every day. I think over a hundred races every day, every few minutes. Stats: Current Equity:
  7. Another three day summary... I haven't been able to dedicate much time to greyhounds but at least I am finally in profit with a little bit of luck involved April 5th: As you can see, I had only a very little time in the morning and in the evening so there is really not much to talk about. April 7th: This day boosted my overall profit but it wasn't because of my excellent trading skills - it was due to an early suspended market. Exactly 10 seconds before the official start of the race I ended up with quite a big Back bet on a favourite: Luckily the favourite did win the race. But I quite don't understand one thing - why on earth the market is suspended so early? How can we rely on the time? Seems like we have to live with this issue and so I decided to close all of my trading positions at least 15 seconds before the official time. I usually finish my trading little bit earlier though. Unfortunately, I will miss some good opportunities which often arrive early before the official starting time. Except this race, I would still end up with £21.24 profit and that is what I would prefer - more days with a smaller profit rather than days with big ups and downs. April 8th: What gets me into a loss quite often are those bloody big & unexpected spikes up and down. Someone often takes a lot of money (often in thousands) and he moves the price from like 3.00 to 4.00 in just one second. It's quite hard to fight against it sometimes but I think I can now roughly recognise if it will happen or not. Let's see what the future will bring Stats: Current Equity:
  8. Tomas

    April Greyhound Trading Challenge

    I have decided to do some trading on greyhounds in April. Few days ago, a friend of mine asked me if I could show him some trading on Betfair. I did show him both, greyhounds and horses. But I was positively surprised with the liquidity on greyhounds and so they grabbed my attention. On some races there was more than 50K of traded volume. An average race was around 20-30K. I found these markets to be quite appealing! There was also a some talk about greyhounds on WowApp and I feel this is a good time to start a little challenge again. I don't have any expectations or targets. I will simply trade whenever I feel I want to trade and let's see what will happen. So far, I am sort of learning these markets again because I didn't trade them for quite some time. My today's result: And some stats: My last race made this day negative but I don't care. I did soak up the markets and hopefully this will pay off in the next days, my strike rate is around 70% which is good. I only have to manage my positions better because in one race I did open bigger position than I should and I lost about £14 which is far above my average loss. I'm really curious how this will develop. Maybe more than you are, lol! Happy trading!
  9. I haven't been trading much in the last few days but for the record and maximum transparency, I want to publish my results from the last three days on greyhounds. 2nd April: In the highlighted race I was caught by an early suspension of the market. It was suspended about 5 seconds before the official start of the race. Little annoying but what can I do? If I take this statistically, I should be in a small loss over the long term because of these suspensions. Why loss? Well, sometimes the greyhound wins, sometimes it loses but when it wins, I have to pay the commission. So, if I am correct, if there would be no commission, I should be roughly on 0. The commission should take me into a small loss. 3rd April: Nothing I can say about that, I just traded a few races with a small stake. 4th April: This day was nice. I was able to jump into a few races in the evening and I was pleased with the liquidity in the markets. I caught some nice swings and I noticed, together with @Tommy, that markets are heavily manipulated. It's not unusual that someone with very deep pockets does move the price for like 20 ticks or more and he holds the price in this range. Just to illustrate what I mean, this is a picture from yesterday's greyhound racing: Ridiculous amounts on ridiculous prices. Clear manipulation. Stats for the last three days: Condensed stats: My strike rate is very good so I am being quite optimistic about the challenge. I only have to keep an eye on that bloody countdown and hedge my positions rather earlier than later Current Equity:
  10. It's been quite some time since my last trading challenge on Betdaq. It ended faster than expected. Because either of the bad software quality or the API quality of Betdaq, I couldn't have a confidence in my open positions. Sometimes there was a difference between my open position displayed in the software versus the Betdaq website, which is less than optimal situation. I have also received a message from @Luciano who wanted to see some challenge again. On top of that, I always wanted to post some information regarding my trading, sometimes with videos, but I didn't want to push myself into another challenge. These days, trading is not my top 1 priority and I dedicate quite a lot of time to other stuff so pushing myself into a challenge would not make me feel comfortable. I was thinking about the concept and yesterday, out of nowhere, the Eureka moment came to my mind. I will not be doing a challenge in a way to "earn X over the time period of Y". I will just post some random stuff that will come to my mind when trading, maybe a few times per month, just as it comes. There is no need to produce new content at any cost, I just want it to be enjoyable for both sides, you and me. Yesterday I started trading little earlier and I noticed there are some Australian races before the UK racing started. I used these markets to warm up myself and I recorded a few videos of how you can make the market in a low liquid race. I have always seen a very nice opportunity in low liquid markets because of the possible ROI. If you do it right, you can scalp many ticks with a small stake and have a good return. I think this is also a good complementary solution for beginners. If you can make a little profit from low liquid markets, it does encourage you and it may cover the cost of learning how to trade on bigger markets. If I will make any videos in the future, they may not be with a voice over. They will most likely be with some written description inside the video. To be honest, it's quite a pain for me to do a voice over and maybe it's a pain for you to listen to it as well I hope you understand my reasons. So here is a video regarding the low stakes: Occasional trading - low liquid markets.mp4 And below is my result from yesterday's trading as a whole: My starting bank was: And I ended up with: Can you see? There is no point in risking huge amounts in order to earn a decent return. I was able to earn 55% on my initial deposit just in one day. So that's my message of today's blog - keep it simple and don't risk much. There is no need for that. Just stick to your rules and don't increase your stakes until you see some results.
  11. Tomas

    BETDAQ Trading Challenge - Day 2

    The second day on Betdaq was quite similar to the first one. Lots of bets in limbo. I don't know if that is a problem/bug of the software (both Geeks Toy and Bet Angel do this) or Betdaq API. I think it's a problem of Betdaq API. My internet connection is okay and I tried to trade on Betfair to compare it. This is a major problem limiting my trading experience on Betdaq right now. On the following screen is my API settings manager - I lowered some numbers in order to be sure I won't be blacklisted: My API settings Generally, I found some Betdaq markets to be nice and liquid. On the other hand, there are races which are not that liquid and trading them using my scalping style is a pain. I need to be more selective. I would say half of the races are quite okay for trading, however, not all of them are ideal for my style of trading. I am a scalper and I like to enter & exit the market very often, while doing many scratches. There is a liquidity in these markets but bets are not filled very quickly. Betdaq prices just copy the move from Betfair - the core of the market, the engine - it's still on Betfair. Betdaq is definitely an excellent choice for traditional bettors or swing traders. For me, it's little bit more complicated but not impossible. I like trading on prices below 4.0 on Betdaq. It seems like there are more opportunities for me probably because horses with lower prices are considered to be favourites and people bet more on them. I have made a short video from my trading, showing some bets in limbo as well. Bet in limbo.mp4 You can see my screen setup for Betdaq - I use a tick graph because the default Betdaq graph is not available in the software. I also have the betting exchange website opened in case of emergency. Profit & Loss statement: My bank: Stats: 14 races traded 4 losing trades 71.4 % strike rate My strike rate is nice, but those bloody bets in limbo are accountable for some of these losses. The biggest losing trade was in Listowel where a late withdrawal happened. The market was suspended for quite some time before Betdaq removed the runner. In the meantime, the market turned into in-play. And exiting in-play on Betdaq is a nightmare in-play market on Betdaq is a ghost town with some bots. Bet in limbo.wmv
  12. Tomas

    BETDAQ Trading Challenge

    Hi there, it's almost a year since I started this challenge and now, I would like to do a little experiment with BETDAQ. Why experiment? Well, because I have never been trading on Betdaq regularly. I only used Betdaq form time to time during the Cheltenham Festival or Royal Ascot. I really don't know if I can make money there because my plan is to only be connected to Betdaq exchange during the trading. In other words, I don't want to watch how the market is doing on Betfair. I would like to know if it is possible to trade just by watching the price action (that is something I was doing on Betfair for more than a decade). I never watched fundamentals like horses, jockeys, their form/fitness or weather on the track. I only observed the demand & supply in the trading software and I made my trading decisions when I recognized some pattern. The other argument to watch only Betdaq is that I have always been a scalper. A scalper is someone who does quick decisions and reacts to small market movements most of the time. I believe there is not enough time for me to watch one exchange and put orders on the second one. I tried this in the past and it only caused me a headache Also, arbitrage seems to be already made by automated bots and there is not enough room for a manual trader to arb between Betdaq and Betfair. Bots are almost always quicker and they are probably deployed on a server close to the Betdaq servers to minimize latency. This is going to be a small adventure (I will probably start tomorrow) because I will have to adapt on much lower liquidity. By the way, I have made a post about liquidity on Betdaq: I'm Supporting Betdaq As you may know, I don't really like Betfair because of their monopoly practices. I have decided, purely on my own, to support Betdaq on this website. If you don't have a Betdaq account, you can open it using my link or by clicking on any of the Betdaq banners on the website (I will receive a small commission if you do so). Real-Time Trading Chat on WowApp I've opened a real-time trading group chat in my favorite WowApp messenger. If you want to join, you have to use this link (or click any of the banners on this website). Some people were interested about what am I doing when I don't trade much anymore. WowApp is one of the things I'm quite heavily invested in. It's also the only place where you can connect with me in real-time. If you have any questions, ask me in the comments!
  13. I was inspired by blogs of other traders @David & @thesage and I have decided to document my little trading challenge as well. I will start with £25 as my trading bank and let's see how far I can go. This is my starting bank And this is my initial staking I will use Liability staking as you can see above. The reason is I want to use as much of my bank as possible and I will gradually adjust my liability to the size of my bank. Please keep in mind that £25 is something I can afford to lose many times. So I can afford to use this bank on its full potential if I need to do so. I would never recommend to use your bank at the fullest potential if you can't afford to lose it. Also, I don't set any specific amount which I want to achieve during this challenge, I also don't set a final date. I take this little bit relaxed and doing it in my spare time, it's not a rat race! see you later today with my first results! ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!
  14. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 1

    So I have just finished my Day 1 and to be honest, it went much better than I expected. Here you can see my results on Greyhound racing: And here are my results on Horse racing: Such a nice profit was made because of a photo finish on York 10th Sep : 6f Listed: I was lucky to match my Lay bet @1.04 and exit with a big profit (relative to my stake size). Below you can see the screenshot from Geeks Toy, showing the crazy graph on this race. I could exit this trade with much bigger profit but I didn't expect the price to grow that much. So my trading bank is now like this: and here you can see my daily stats: I have increased my liability accordingly and I will focus on both - Greyhound racing & Horse racing in the early days of this challenge. Greyhounds can offer me a nice ROI when using small bets, so I will use them in my favour to build the bankroll faster. ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!
  15. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 2

    Today I managed to trade just a few races. As expected, my ROI is higher on Greyhounds than on Horses. This is because I'm using small stakes - and it's much easier to capture more ticks per trade on greyhound markets: On horses, just 4 races but all of them profitable. I always appreciate a profit And because my bank is bigger, I did already adjust my staking several times. This is my current staking: And my current bank size: And finally, some daily stats: Tomorrow I have a day off. See you on Wednesday. ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!
  16. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 3

    Today was an interesting day. In one Greyhound race, I accidentally placed a Back bet to the "empty" market. There was no liquidity at that time in the market and I ended up with a big loss of -6.23. Here you can see the graph of the race: Yes, I Backed @5.0. That is called "Fat Fingers" Despite this accident, I was able to recover and add up some extra profit. Greyhounds: I also made some profit on horses, despite my average loss was quite big today. Today's stats - they tell me my average loss was too high today: Tomorrow I have a day off. See you on Friday & Satruday! I plan to post some videos in the future blogs. Do you have any specific scenario you would like to see? ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!
  17. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 6

    Just a quick update to keep all of the results public. Yesterday, I was able to trade only a few greyhound races: Stats: Today, I'm going to trade little bit more but I want to keep the blog updated day by day - that's the reason why I will make two separate posts today. Good luck to all! ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!
  18. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 7

    Today was a good day on greyhounds and an average day on horses. My losses on horses were quite high today, I should have cut them quicker in some races. Also one big gambler caused the big loss in the last race. Anyway, I still ended up with a profit and I'm nicely progressing. I hope to reach £100 bank on the Day 8 or 9 of this challenge. I expect greyhounds to be more profitable in the first few weeks of this challenge. Once I build my bank, horses should take this position. I don't know how or when that will happen, let's see what I can do. I'm really curious because I haven't been trading with a small bank for a while! Greyhounds: Horses: Today's stats: Current equity: My bank: Also I want to show you a screen of one of my "above the average" horse races. As @Rakz0r pointed out, I'm really active in the market. I'm a scalper most of the time and it means I do many trades in the market. Here you can see how big was my turnover on that race, even with a small bank: And that's it - I do many quick scalps and it adds up gradually. ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!
  19. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 8

    Today was a great day on greyhounds and a losing day on horses. I was doing pretty well on horses in the first half of the day and I felt that I was "in the zone". Then I started to feel little bit tired but despite this, I tried to push a little bit more. You know, I wanted to have a perfect day! But the more I pushed, the worse it was and the final race of the day made it a losing day on horse racing. Those three losses were the result of me trying to have a great day. It's better to be more relaxed and just take the opportunities which are in the market. I found myself looking for opportunities which were not there and that was the mistake. Anyway, I'm quite happy with the result because greyhounds still help me to build my bank and I had an excellent strike rate today. I want to have my bank ready for Saturday, hopefully I will be able to trade tomorrow but I don't know if I will be trading on Friday. Greyhounds: Horses: Today's stats: Current equity: My bank: Have a good evening! ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!
  20. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 9

    Today was a very good day on both - horses & greyhounds. On greyhounds I was partially lucky because I experienced an early market suspension. On greyhounds, it's important to finish your trading before the countdown reaches 00:00. This market was suspended about 3 seconds earlier, just at the time when I was pressing the "Cash Out button". Anyway - if I wasn't lucky in this market, I would still ended up with a profit. I was able to catch some nice swings on greyhounds but I need to be more careful in the next days and finish my trades at least 5 seconds before the 00:00 time. On horses, I had a nice, consistent and confident day. I was just picking opportunities which I'm familiar with. I wasn't pushing like yesterday - the profit just came to me after consistently applying my rules. The biggest profit of the day is a result of photo finish - without the photo finish, I would have a profit of about £5 on that race. Nice boost! Greyhounds: Horses: Stats: My total stats so far: I need to figure out, what's going on "Horse Racing - Jumps" as my strike rate is low & I'm in loss here. It's still only 34 races traded here but I will focus on it. Current equity: Today, I had an interesting greyhound race. Someone "forgot" some little money on prices above 20 on two greyhounds. I Backed those two with little money and I achieved almost 100% ROI on my stake: That's the beauty of greyhounds - with so little risk, you can actually earn something. And the last picture shows the early suspended market: Tomorrow I probably won't trade but I'm definitely looking forward to Saturday. Good luck to all! ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!
  21. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 10

    I like trading on Saturdays. Despite I found today's market little bit weaker in terms of activity & liquidity, I had a nice and profitable day on horses. I'm not sure why the markets seemed weak to me, was there any cancelled meeting today? I didn't trade greyhounds because I was doing some gardening and harvesting the crops from our garden. To be honest, it was better than greyhounds and it was also profitable - I harvested a big pumpkin, some strawberries, zucchini, etc. if you want to know it As my bank grows, I can use slightly higher stakes and my average profit per race is growing. The same applies to an average loss, of course. So far, I'm progressing nicely and I'm looking forward to the next 10 days of this challenge. I don't have any goals or expectations, I'm just curious. Yesterday, I had an idea to make a bot on greyhounds. It could be interesting to learn something new and try if I can automate my trading on these markets. There are tens of markets every day and if I can only make £0.50 per race on average, it can be a nice revenue stream. The problem is - I don't know any coding. So, if I decide to do some automation, I have to learn everything from scratch. I started to explore some software for this and I have found three options so far: Betting Assistant Market Feeder Bet Angel Does anyone have any experience with automation in these three? In the past, I was able to do some basic stuff with Betting Assistant and Excel but I don't have any solid knowledge or comparison of these three options. I will update you on any progress in this. Horses: Today's stats: Current equity: Current bank: My best race today: ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!
  22. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 11

    Today's blog is a summary of yesterday's trading. I started to explore some options regarding automation. I don't feel much comfortable by using Market Feeder and I did stick with BetAngel. Probably because their conditions are quite simple to understand. In Market Feeder, there is much more complexity which certainly is a good thing - I'm just not able to appreciate it yet. I will definitely try Market Feeder after proper study of their user manual. So, this is my first day with bot. It took me just a few hours to tweak him in order to do some basic stuff which I would like to see him doing. I was watching the bot all day long and it seemed to me that he's working OK. I mean - especially hedging & loss control seemed to be OK. So I did let him for about 3 hours to work alone. And to my surprise, in these three hours the bot vanished my profit from horse racing. The question is - why the bot wasn't able to hedge some of the races? He simply exposed me to bigger risk than I want. I paid really big attention to make him hedging properly. The strange thing about this - I watched almost all of his actions personally and he was nicely hedging all the time. Maybe some early suspensions in the evening racing? Maybe he just didn't match the hedging bets in the market? I don't know but certainly this is something I have to find out. For today, I will let him work until about 19:00. I have a suspicion that he was caught by some early suspension or by not enough liquidity. Another question is - how can I trust to a piece of software? If the software is proprietary, I am always in the mercy with the software developer. I don't want to be paranoid but the recent history shows us that the software doesn't have to work in the best interests of its users. Again - I don't want to be paranoid but these are just questions that came to my mind when I have to rely on a piece of software. What are my assurances that the software doesn't do just some data mining? How can I know what the code is doing if it's not open source? And to see it from a higher level - what are my assurances that Betfair itself works for the good of its users? Of course, all they want is our money, isn't that right at the end of the day? Anyway - from now, I will probably focus on horses with my manual trading and let the bot play on greyhound markets. I really want to crack it - it seems quite appealing to have some steady income without much work I need to learn as much as possible, there is so much variables and it would be great to put my experience into an automated solution. So, let's see how it will go in the upcoming days & weeks. Greyhounds: Not hedged market: Horses: Stats: Current equtiy ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!
  23. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 12

    The day 12 was in a spirit of tweaking my bot. After it's previous glitches - when the bot didn't hedge its trading position on certain markets - I watched him closely in order to understand what's going on. I think I have figured out the problem. First of all, I found that the bot didn't close the trading position in evening racing only. I am not 100% sure yet but I think Bet Angel just left some markets once it found another market to load into the screen. I mean - I did set the Bet Angel Market Switching to 300 seconds (5 minutes): And if there are two markets, let's say with a 3 minutes window between them, for example: 20:26 20:29 Bet Angel can just leave the 20:26 market and load the next one. This can lead to an open position. Again - I'm not sure if I'm right because yesterday, it only happened once. But in theory - the afternoon greyhound racing is all OK (I mean all the markets were properly hedged). There is enough time between races on afternoon racing so Bet Angel doesn't have the opportunity to leave me with open position. Does anyone have any input on this? All of this bot stuff is taking quite a lot of my attention now. I find it tricky to express my own thinking into a pure logic in form of conditions, etc. It's just time consuming - if I want to test the bot, I can only watch him working live. I am not sure if there is some better way to do things but for now, I'm happy to play with it. Greyhounds (bot results): Horses: Stats: The bot has a 50% strike rate! I hope it will be more at some point in the future ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!
  24. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 13

    I want to keep all the results on record so I will just quickly summarize my yesterday's trading. Not much happened - I wasn't able to 'get in sync' with horse racing markets. Maybe it was because of the fact that I had to start later, maybe it was because of my focus on tweaking the bot - which is still very stupid by the way Anyway - it was a losing day but I lost so little that I don't care about it. Horses: Greyhounds (bot results): Stats: ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!
  25. Tomas

    From £25 to XY Challenge - Day 14

    I always focus on Saturdays because these days are the best for my trading. There is usually a better liquidity & quality of racing in comparison to mid-week card. And since I do this challenge, I like to explore what is possible in the markets. Today, I started with a bank of about £227. Now, I have a bank of about £339 - that's a net profit of about £112, in other words a ROI of 49% on my bank in just one day. Well, I really didn't know that I could do so well but today's markets were just nice. I was able to jump in & out many times and collect all of the small winnings with my scalping. I was a pure scalper today and everything went well. I was able to make two nice profits of more than £10 per race. Of course, such a ROI would be harder to achieve with much bigger bank but I want to see how far I can go in this challenge. I didn't focus on my bot today. I did just let him play the greyhound markets without my intervention. He seems to be hedging well on the afternoon racing, I need to test the advice from @Rakz0r in order to make him hedging properly on evening racing as well. The bot is still super stupid and before I move into some advanced strategies, I want to have the confidence in him. You know - I have to trust the bot with my money. Are there some 'best safety practices' when creating a bot? Horses: Greyhounds (bot results): Today's stats: Equity: My best race today: My bank: ----------------------------------------------------------- “Sports Trading Exposed” is now free & open source! The most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written. Click to read it now!