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Found 15 results

  1. I may be slow but I am moving forwards not backwards. TRADING VIDEO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. Tomas

    10.2. Volatility

    When liquidity is low, the market usually tends to be very volatile, with prices jumping up and down like a roller coaster. The market is usually quite weak and just one larger bet can move the price a lot. However – I like this sort of volatility because it also means you can have many ticks in profit. It all adds up. Even when having small stakes. 10.2.1. Market Making Because of the volatility, I like to make the market and fill the gaps in Back and Lay sides with my bets. This means that if some bigger matched bet arrives to the market my bets could get matched, too. Then I could end up with many ticks in profit. As I said, the market jumps up and down sometimes and this is a great opportunity to strategically place your Back and Lay bets and wait for them to be matched. Videos: Greyhounds – Market Making £4.8+ ↓ 10.2.2. Support & Resistance For some reason, support and resistance levels work very well in greyhound markets. They tend to be around round numbers where ticking is changing. These numbers are 2.00, 3.00, 4.00 and 6.00. I use these levels to enter the market. For example, if the market is going down from 5.50 to 4.00, I place my Lay bets around this 4.00 support level and wait for the market to develop and go back up. You can see an example in the image below: Swing from support level @4.0 to over 6.0 A nice swing from 2.75 to almost 2.00 with a support level @2.00 Videos: Greyhounds Swing £5.5+ ↓ Greyhounds Swing £4.5+ ↓ < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
  3. Tomas

    April Greyhound Trading Summary

    I owe you this summary. At the beginning of April I started a challenge in which I aimed to trade greyhounds. It turned out that I wasn't able to dedicate as much time as I wanted to this challenge because of some personal stuff. However, I was still able to do a few races here and there and instead of describing every day separately, I decided to just sum up everything in one blog post at the end of the month. So here it is! The profit since my last update on 9th April: The total profit for the whole April: Stats for the whole April: Equity for the whole April: So yes - it was a profitable challenge despite I hoped for being able to trade much more races. In total, I was able to trade on 403 greyhound races in April and the average profit per race was £0.531. I think that isn't too bad but there is definitely a room for improvement. I think I could achieve at least £1 per race on average. And that may be a very nice income if you are living in a not very expensive country like Vietnam, like @Ricardo Do As you can see from the equity, I was able to prevent early suspensions for the rest of the month. My strategy was simple - I ended my trading at least 20 seconds before the off. Unfortunately, I missed some really nice opportunities because of this approach but I preferred safety over risk. @Tommy gave me a useful information that watching a live video is a great help in determining when the race will actually start but I didn't test this out yet. That's all from me for now! I recommend you to join our trading group on WowApp, there is some really nice talk happening every day! Happy trading!
  4. Yesterday I had a chance to trade greyhounds for almost 3 hours and this is the result: Nice and steady. I think the evening racing has a better liquidity but these afternoon races were good as well. Btw, I'm not using big stakes to achieve these results. Greyhounds are nice for their high volatility which is good when using smaller stakes. With a small stake you can achieve a nice ROI. Something like this for example: 13.64% ROI on my maximum exposure in this market... On the other hand, you can't scale too much. On the other other hand, there are tons of these markets every day. I think over a hundred races every day, every few minutes. Stats: Current Equity:
  5. Another three day summary... I haven't been able to dedicate much time to greyhounds but at least I am finally in profit with a little bit of luck involved April 5th: As you can see, I had only a very little time in the morning and in the evening so there is really not much to talk about. April 7th: This day boosted my overall profit but it wasn't because of my excellent trading skills - it was due to an early suspended market. Exactly 10 seconds before the official start of the race I ended up with quite a big Back bet on a favourite: Luckily the favourite did win the race. But I quite don't understand one thing - why on earth the market is suspended so early? How can we rely on the time? Seems like we have to live with this issue and so I decided to close all of my trading positions at least 15 seconds before the official time. I usually finish my trading little bit earlier though. Unfortunately, I will miss some good opportunities which often arrive early before the official starting time. Except this race, I would still end up with £21.24 profit and that is what I would prefer - more days with a smaller profit rather than days with big ups and downs. April 8th: What gets me into a loss quite often are those bloody big & unexpected spikes up and down. Someone often takes a lot of money (often in thousands) and he moves the price from like 3.00 to 4.00 in just one second. It's quite hard to fight against it sometimes but I think I can now roughly recognise if it will happen or not. Let's see what the future will bring Stats: Current Equity:
  6. Tomas

    April Greyhound Trading Challenge

    I have decided to do some trading on greyhounds in April. Few days ago, a friend of mine asked me if I could show him some trading on Betfair. I did show him both, greyhounds and horses. But I was positively surprised with the liquidity on greyhounds and so they grabbed my attention. On some races there was more than 50K of traded volume. An average race was around 20-30K. I found these markets to be quite appealing! There was also a some talk about greyhounds on WowApp and I feel this is a good time to start a little challenge again. I don't have any expectations or targets. I will simply trade whenever I feel I want to trade and let's see what will happen. So far, I am sort of learning these markets again because I didn't trade them for quite some time. My today's result: And some stats: My last race made this day negative but I don't care. I did soak up the markets and hopefully this will pay off in the next days, my strike rate is around 70% which is good. I only have to manage my positions better because in one race I did open bigger position than I should and I lost about £14 which is far above my average loss. I'm really curious how this will develop. Maybe more than you are, lol! Happy trading!
  7. I haven't been trading much in the last few days but for the record and maximum transparency, I want to publish my results from the last three days on greyhounds. 2nd April: In the highlighted race I was caught by an early suspension of the market. It was suspended about 5 seconds before the official start of the race. Little annoying but what can I do? If I take this statistically, I should be in a small loss over the long term because of these suspensions. Why loss? Well, sometimes the greyhound wins, sometimes it loses but when it wins, I have to pay the commission. So, if I am correct, if there would be no commission, I should be roughly on 0. The commission should take me into a small loss. 3rd April: Nothing I can say about that, I just traded a few races with a small stake. 4th April: This day was nice. I was able to jump into a few races in the evening and I was pleased with the liquidity in the markets. I caught some nice swings and I noticed, together with @Tommy, that markets are heavily manipulated. It's not unusual that someone with very deep pockets does move the price for like 20 ticks or more and he holds the price in this range. Just to illustrate what I mean, this is a picture from yesterday's greyhound racing: Ridiculous amounts on ridiculous prices. Clear manipulation. Stats for the last three days: Condensed stats: My strike rate is very good so I am being quite optimistic about the challenge. I only have to keep an eye on that bloody countdown and hedge my positions rather earlier than later Current Equity:
  8. Tomas

    10.1. Liquidity

    As I mentioned, the amount of money traded on a typical greyhound race isn’t staggering. It’s usually in the range of £10,000 to £30,000 per race. Despite the total amount of money traded being very low, there is still a good opportunity to earn some extra money. All of the money usually arrives to the market in the last two or three minutes, which means there is a quite a nice amount of market activity during this time. This is when I make money on greyhound racing. I only trade the greyhound market if there is at least £1,000 matched in total at least 1 minute before the start of the race. For example – if there are 2 minutes to the start, and £2,000 matched, I can trade. In contrast – if there were just 30 seconds to the start, and only £900 matched, I wouldn’t trade. 10.1.1. Stakes On most greyhound races, I use stakes from £10 to £50. Bigger stakes can manipulate the market and it can be tough to exit if the market goes against me. 10.1.2. Earnings You’re probably curious how much is possible to earn on greyhounds per month? In the first few years of my trading, I was able to consistently earn £1,000+ every month; my best greyhound months were around the £2,000 mark. I believe it’s possible to earn more these days because the liquidity has improved since that time with almost every race having a live video feed in Geeks Toy. Liquidity is always better if there’s a live video feed of a sporting event. Daily profit on Greyhound racing But sometimes you can also make a nice amount on a single race As you can see, the numbers are not high enough to be a full-time greyhound trader if you live in an expensive country but it can definitely be a nice addition to your income. < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
  9. In all UK greyhound races, there are always six runners (except for some rare occasions with non-runners). That’s nice to know because you always know that if the price of one dog is going down, another must go up. < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
  10. I have a little weakness for Greyhound racing markets. These markets were where I was first able to make a long-term profit and they helped me build up my bank. The liquidity is nowhere near UK horse racing but there’s an advantage in the number of races every day with almost no seasonality. There are more than 100 races every day, starting from 11AM (London time) until 11pm. You can be sure there is greyhound racing on the card every single day. 10.1. Liquidity 10.2. Volatility 10.3. Number of Greyhounds 10.4. Market Suspension 10.5. Evening racing < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
  11. Greyhound Racing directory: 14.6.1. Greyhounds Swing £5.5+ 14.6.2. Greyhounds Swing £4.5+ 14.6.3. Greyhounds – Market Making £4.8+ 14.6.4. Greyhounds Evening Racing £5.3+ < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
  12. Greyhounds swing 5.5 (PROMO & VOICE & END).mp4 Description: 0:14 – The market is moving down to a normally strong support level @3.00. I’m prepared to enter the market with a Lay bet around this level. 0:37 – I submit my first Lay bets and wait for them to be matched. 0:48 – I’m quite confident about this trade, so I enter with more Lay bets. 0:56 – Once the market moves in my direction, I start to exit my trade with the Scale Out technique. 1:01 – The Lay side of the market is strengthening, so the market should move up soon. 2:02 – The uptrend is ending @3.50 and I exit the rest of my position. Back to Greyhound Racing ↑ Back to Scale Out (UK Horses) ↑ < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
  13. Greyhounds swing 4.5 (PROMO & VOICE & END).mp4 Description: 0:10 – I Lay at the current bottom of the market, which is around the normally strong support level @3.00. The market was going down from @5.00, which tells me it could turn at this level. 0:23 – I feel very confident because I see the Lay side strengthening. So I try to increase my position. 0:31 – Once the market turns in my favour, I exit the trade with the Scale Out technique. Back to Greyhound Racing ↑ Back to Scale Out (UK Horses) ↑ < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
  14. Greyhounds market making 4.8 (PROMO & VOICE & END).mp4 Description: 0:15 – To make the market in Greyhound racing, I place Back bets above the current price and Lay bets below the current price. I wait for them to be matched and then manage my position carefully. I either take a profit or quickly scratch if I’m not confident in the trade. I often use this technique in low liquid markets and fill the gaps in the market with my orders. This allows me to be first in the queue. 0:33 – My Lay bet @4.7 is almost fully matched and I exit my position with the Scale Out technique. 0:59 – I’m a little bit confused because my position is opened on both greyhounds, so I have to decide which one to close first. 1:04 – I decide to quickly scratch my trades on the first greyhound because some big bets arrived to the market and they’re driving the market against me. 1:06 – But it seems these bets were spoof bets because they quickly disappeared. So I go against them. 1:18 – And once the market shoots up, I exit the trade gradually with smaller bets. Back to Greyhound Racing ↑ Back to Scale Out (UK Horses) ↑ Back to Market Making (UK Horses) ↑ < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
  15. Greyhounds Evening Racing 5.3 (PROMO & VOICE & END).mp4 Description: On some evening races, there is much better liquidity than on some other races. 0:11 – But still the market is quite thin compared to UK Horse Racing, so I try to make the market. 0:18 – And once my Back bet is matched after a spike up, I try to exit with a profit by scaling out. 1:43 – I think the market could move down again. It tried to push it past the level @2.20 but it doesn’t have enough power. 1:50 – And once some bigger Back bets arrive to the market, I submit my Back bets as well. 2:07 – Which makes me a profit shortly after the market goes to the strong support level @2.00. 2:09 – I believe it will turn back up from here. 2:27 – But again – big bets arrive to the Back side and the market quickly reacts by moving down. When I watch this video now, I believe it was a spoof trap. Someone wanted to buy a cheap Lay, so he pushed the market down with a big bet. Then he removed the big bet and pushed the market up again. I was caught in this trap and quickly scratched the trade at 2:28. I was able to react quickly and ended up with a profit. 2:34 – Once I realized it was a trap, and the big Back bet was removed, I was ready to Lay @2.00. This usually works as a strong support in greyhound racing. 2:47 – My Lay bets were matched after a spike down and now I only have to gradually exit the trade with a profit. A total of about £35,000 was matched on this race. That’s solid liquidity for greyhound racing and I was able to use slightly bigger stakes. Some of the evening races can reach more than £50,000. Back to Greyhound Racing ↑ Back to Market Making (UK Horses) ↑ Back to Scale Out (UK Horses) ↑ Back to Spoof (UK Horses) ↑ < PREV | HOME | NEXT >