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Found 2 results

  1. It's easy! Exclusive content is only available to valuable members of this community. In other words, those who give back are rewarded for their contributions. In order to view exclusive content, you need to become a Do-gooder at minimum (Do-gooder is a reputation level). How can you achieve this? Simply follow these steps: If you are not a forum member yet, register now. Once you are registered, you can introduce yourself. Post some valuable or informational content, either on the forums or create your own blog. If your posts are good, you will receive likes from other members of the community. Once you have 10+ likes on your posts, you become a Do-gooder and you can immediately access exclusive content! No idea of what to post? you can ask meaningful questions you can share your knowledge you can create polls you can write about your trading journey you can start your own trading blog you can add important sport events into the calendar ... Just remember - bullshit won't get you to the promise land. Be real, helpful, informative... And you will be rewarded.
  2. Tomas

    Reputation Levels

    Maybe you have already noticed but just to make it little bit more official, I have created a few thresholds which will help us to identify a member reputation across the community. It works like this - if other member of the community gives you a like , your reputation will increase by +1 point (nobody can give you negative points). Once you meet a certain threshold, you will receive a badge: So, every newcomer is obviously a Stranger. Once he receives at least 5 points from other members of the community, he becomes a "Candidate". At 10 points, he becomes a Do-gooder, etc. If you have any ideas for 200 & 500 badges, feel free to reply to this topic. Maybe you are asking what is the advantage of these badges? Well, apart from being recognized as a valuable member of the community, you also get slightly better features when using the forums. For example: your maximum amount of personal messages goes up, your time allowance for editing your own posts is higher, etc.