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Found 2 results

  1. I joined sportstradingexposed in May 2017, and have deliberately left it for 3 months before writing a review. This is because I wanted to have sufficient time to evaluate it properly. It would not be fair to make a judgement in just a few days. Before deciding to buy, you will see Tomas showing video proof of his lifetime earnings. This is important as the techniques have been implemented, and is not just someone with a theory of strategies. The second thing is that the price is affordable. There are other suppliers who advertise classroom based courses that cost £hundreds. You are better off reading Tomas's book and using the same capital as your starting trading bank to practise with. The price of the book pays for itself because if you try to trade without any expert knowledge, there is a high chance that you would have spent the same money in losing trades. The book (which is professionally presented) is downloaded which you can read at your own pace. Take your time. It is very comprehensive. All aspects are covered from setting up the software to money management to psychology to various strategies. Nothing has been left out. I can not suggest any improvements to it. What I like about the book, is that numerous strategies are explained. When trading, different scenarios will arise. Tomas will teach them to you, so that you can be ready to use them when they suddenly appear in the markets. One last thing that sets this book apart from the rest is the forum. I think it is a good idea. If you are doing well, posting profitable days offers encouragement. If you are losing or don't understand something, someone on the forum will give you advice. I am an active member myself, and am only glad to help, as I know that trading on your own can be tough. Few people earn money from trading. Videos on youtube make it look far easier than it is. Tomas's book will probably give you an advantage over other exchange users. Buy it. Read it. And you will soon be having success.
  2. He dives deep into the proven techniques of successful online sports trading and how to use 3rdparty software to greatly improve your odds of coming out on top!