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Found 2 results

  1. Tomas

    4.13. Keyboard Shortcuts

    This feature is for advanced users, but it's definitely good to know about it early on. Thanks to using keyboard shortcuts, you can control Geeks Toy with both hands, giving you an even greater competitive advantage over those who just use a mouse. Shortcut Key Manager in Geeks Toy You can set different shortcuts for some functions, so you’ll have much quicker and accurate control over the software. In the betting exchange market, it can quite often make a big difference. Remember that time is money. I can't imagine trading on Betfair without keyboard shortcuts. It’s clear though, that it’s first necessary to learn Geeks Toy with a mouse, and then add more options when you become more adept with the software. In addition, it takes time to learn the shortcuts and take full advantage of them. But it's good for you to know that they’re there. They’ll be very useful as your journey progresses. < PREV | HOME | NEXT >
  2. My Settings NEW.mp4 Keyboard shortcuts are another essential part of my trading. I can control Geeks Toy with both hands, which gives me a huge advantage over people who only control their software with a mouse. I can simultaneously do more actions in the market. It saves time and increases performance. I would say using keyboard shortcuts took my trading to another level. However, it took me some time to learn this sort of multi-tasking. One hand controls the mouse; the other hand controls arrows up, down, left & right, which are located on the E, D, S, and F keys on the keyboard. I believe many people know this combination from games (maybe like A, S, W, D). I use (6:05) the following keyboard shortcuts: Increase Stake > E – I use this very often in combination with ‘Decrease Stake’. I switch between my stakes for different reasons – to adjust the right stake to the market liquidity or to lower my stake when using the Scale Out technique. Decrease Stake > D – Explained above. Cancel Lay Bets > S – I also often use cancelling of Lay or Back bets because I don’t have to move my mouse over my bets in the market and cancel them one by one by hand. I could lose focus when doing that. Cancel Back Bets > F – Explained above. Hedge > R – This will hedge my position on the selection I currently have my mouse over without cancelling unmatched bets on this selection. Hedge Market > F – Same function as the Cash Out button in the Market & API Status window. It saves time and does not require my attention because I don’t have to move my mouse over half of my display. Liability > W – Used to set the Liability staking on a current selection. Stake > A – Used to set the Stake staking on a current selection. Centre All Ladders > Space – Self-explanatory. < PREV | HOME | NEXT >