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12. Community & Support

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I think being a part of community is another very important aspect for many successful traders. As a trader, you face the problem of isolation. You’re alone all day making money and usually don’t follow common social patterns like going to the 9 to 5 job and having fun on weekends. If you really want to make good money on horse racing, you can’t miss most of the Saturday racing afternoons or some high profile weeks like Royal Ascot, for example. This excludes you from common social activities. Trading is usually a lonely job and sometimes you just need to talk with someone about your trading issues and topics.

This is where the community comes into play. It’s a vital part of a trader’s life – to meet with other traders. Either personally or online. As a trader, you need to discuss, read discussions and exchange ideas about what you do or what you’re trying to do. For this purpose, I’ve created this forum where we can all meet online, share ideas and help each other. In other words, two heads are better than one. I’ve personally seen & experienced how important the community is for traders. It’s helped people connect, share ideas and gain inspiration from each other. As a result, all of the participants became stronger and even developed strategies that I’ve never thought about before.

I think most of you are a member of some online forum and this is something you already know. I’ve created a few categories where you can ask questions about this online course, trading situations, experience of others or anything else you can think of. Either I or another member of the community will answer your questions. You can arrange meetings with people in your area or whatever. It’s there to facilitate you becoming part of a bigger whole.

Forum Link

12.1. Blogs

My experience from other projects taught me that people also like to share their progress and their path in trading. However, getting people to read your blog can be a struggle. Therefore, I’m inviting you to start writing your own blog within the community, which will assure you there is always someone who will read about your thoughts. That’s important as well. If you can get valuable feedback and support from like-minded people, you can improve your own trading. Having your own blog is good for another reason; people tend to do much better & more careful decisions during their trading when they know there’s someone watching their progress. It’s something like a handbrake that doesn’t allow you to make decisions that are too risky. I know it from my own experience. So if you want to share your progress, and hear what others think about it, start your own blog with a few clicks. Your first click should be on the link below.

Blog link



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> Join our real-time trading chat on WowApp
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