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6.7.14. Spoof

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Spoof is just another name for ‘False Money’. This false money appears in the market with no intention to be matched – it’s just placed there to manipulate the Weight of Money. It’s to confuse you and get your money. Basically, it’s a trap made by someone with deep pockets and you have to learn how to recognize this trap when trading. Of course, you’ll find unscrupulous people in trading!

You’ll see spoofers and manipulators every day in the market. The best way to avoid them is to watch the underlying activity of the market. I mean by removing them from the equation. That sounds much simpler than it actually is, however. I recommend for you to record a few videos of races where you demonstrably see a spoofer or manipulator and learn from their activity.

Spoofers and manipulators are usually very smart and they change their behaviour often. They change the size of stakes, frequency of their trades, time frame in which they operate, etc. So you need a little bit of practice in learning what is true & false money. Obviously, you can’t get it right 100% of the time but a spoof usually has these characteristics:

  • Quickly changing the sides of the market (from Back to Lay and vice versa). For example – a spoofer places three big Back bets in order to ‘push’ the market down, where he matches his previously placed Lay bets. Once these Lay bets are matched, he quickly cancels three big Back bets and immediately submits big Lay bets to push the market up in his favour again.

  • Unproportionally big stakes to the size of the market. For example – if there are £1000+ bets quickly appearing and disappearing in a low liquid market, it’s most likely a spoofer trying to manipulate it.


  1. Spoof & Scale Out £118+ 

  2. Spoof 

  3. Spoof 2 



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