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6.7.3. Price Bands

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I often use information from the traded column as a strong clue of what could come next in the market. Prices where there’s a big difference between the amounts traded work as support and resistance levels. For example – if there is 28k traded @4.00, but only 1k traded @3.90, it means there is a strong support level @4.00 because most of the money was traded at & above 4.00.

Sometimes there are ‘flat markets’ where the price doesn’t move up or down much and it just moves in a predefined corridor. For example – most of the money is traded between the prices 1.60 – 1.70 but below or above these prices there is hardly any activity. That’s what I call a ‘flat market’. I just do my trading in this corridor. So when the price goes up to the 1.70, I Back and wait for the price to go down. If the price goes to 1.60; I would Lay and wait for the price to go up. Of course, when I feel the corridor could be broken, I scratch my position.

It’s good to make a point here. If the support, resistance or corridor is broken (if the price breaks through), the market tends to behave like a burst dam. It usually starts a quick move in the direction where it was burst.


Using the ‘Traded’ column as an indicator


  1. Price Bands £65+ 

  2. Scalping Doncaster £45+ 

  3. Scalping £59+ 

  4. Scalping Flat Market £64+ 

  5. Royal Ascot £136+ 



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