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Greetings travellers

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Greetings all, I've been trading sports for the better part of two months now... When I say trading what I really mean is fumbling about all over the place, so i've decided to get involved in the trading communities and try to be a part of it. 

I went into this thinking my focus would be scalping horse markets, however I find the horse racing is on primarily when I'm working so my focus shifted towards football market trading.  I've decided to chronicle my journey. It primarily for me so I can keep track of the highs and the lows of this experience. 

I'll be honest there have been a few blow outs and equally a few big wins. I'm currently going through a more mature process of developing a sports trading strategy and would love some feedback on it!

In terms of where I'm at; I would happily say I'm grappling with the psychology behind it (have invested in trading in the zone, really great read on the psychology behind trading). and that currently, my bank balance is slooowwwly drifting upwards with a few draw downs for good measure. 

Any other football traders willing to trade some knowledge I have developed some great spreadsheets to find value bets in correct score/OU markets using Poisson distribution and historical data. (of which you can see my workings outs in the blog... feel free to critique)

Anyways, happy trading all!

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> Join our real-time trading chat on WowApp

Welcome Egg,


Glad to see that you are looking at OU 2.5 gls.

I posted an excel sheet with 7000 matches from last season, where I collated recent form data here


I was primarily looking at fixed odds, but thing trading may be the way to go.

Columns marked green are the last 8 games home and away.

Columns marked peach last 4 home for the home team and the last 4 away for the away team.

The blue and yellow columns are ELO stuff.

Everything to the right of column AS is my dicking around.

Have a play and let me know if you find something.

There are trends in there !!!

Chris is going to post some soccer mystic selections at the weekend.

Good luck




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