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My review - A must have ebook

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This has been my third ebook and by far this is the best around.

The ebook firstly covers topics for beginners so they can setup their environment and have the correct tools and concepts for trading. Then it goes onto different strategies, psychology and different aspects of trading to ensure you have the right mind set to make you a successful trader.

What stands out from the rest of the other ebooks is the detail that Tomas goes into with the videos. There are over 30 trading videos (didn't count exactly), ranging from 1 min to 20 min per video. Each video has detailed written explanation with specific timings which explains what Tomas is thinking and why he has executed a certain move at a particular time.

As Tomas is a high stake trader, it is extremely inspiring to see the stakes that he is using on the videos. One thing which I mentioned to him was that it would also be nice to see smaller stakes videos like £50, as the kind of stakes he uses can make big impacts to certain markets (£1000 liability). He thought it was a good idea and he said he would be adding this to future updates. I believe Tomas is also adding more videos to the ebook and updates will be available to all existing members too. For future updates, I would love to see videos where he used smaller stakes such as £50/£100. Also, would be great to have a little bit more content on reading markets/indicators as this is something I do struggle on a bit and would be great to have a bit more content on that. The videos currently do not have voice overs, but I believe he is working on adding voice overs on all the videos. Also, I believe videos from Cheltenham are being added to the future update.

Tomas is open for feedback for his ebook and he encourages it which is so refreshing. He really wants to have the best ebook around and I think he has already achieved that. 

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> Join our real-time trading chat on WowApp
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