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Cheltenham Gold Cup Back To Lay

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Hello everyone,

Due to some issues on my laptop, I've not been able to get on WowApp group chat but I'm still here.

I thought I'd share a back to lay for the Gold Cup later:

Might Bite


I'll be looking to place a back bet just before the off and then trade out 30% lower - if you have a look at the attached screenshot, you will see that I'm staking more on the lay side and this gives more profit on the field, should Might Bite hit the 30% but not go onto win.

To help people calculate the back and lay amounts:

Whatever your back stake is, you need to add 40% to this and that will be your lay stake i.e.:

£5  back £7 lay
£10 back £14 lay

£50 back £70 lay

As always, stake sensibly and do remember that in a race as closely fought as the Gold Cup, nothing is guaranteed.



Cheltenham Trade.jpg

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