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Hi everyone,

Thought it was time to register and introduce myself.  I'm from the UK, and have been trading pre-off horse racing since January 2019.  I've had some success in that time, but never any consistency.  Some profitable days (my highest day's profit was £31), but more often than not I break even or end the day in a loss.  Largely, I think my lack of success is down to trading an ineffectual strategy (which I learned from an online course I won't name).  So, I decided it was time to expand my market knowledge and try something else.  I've studied quite a lot on the psychology of trading, and have definitely improved in that regard.  However, I think a fundamental lack of knowledge and poor strategy has been holding me back. 

I found this site at the end of last year and have finally gotten down to reading it all the way through.  It's been very helpful, and I feel I understand a lot that I previously didn't.  Particularly, I'm interested in learning swing trading and trend trading, as I think those suit my personality more and seem like the best way to get the risk to reward or profit and loss ratio right (big gains and small losses).  Anyway, enough rambling from me!

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> Join our real-time trading chat on WowApp
> Why WowApp?

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