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15. Special Thanks

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15. Special Thanks

I needed to write this chapter because it’s very important for me. I have to express a huge amount of gratitude and thanks to my wonderful wife. She’s been extremely supportive and never let me down. I mean that literally. She has always helped me on the bad days, and without her, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to go so far with my trading. I think it’s very important to have support from your family and she was definitely the one who did so much for me. She was also the first to come with the idea of sharing all of my experience in a book (online course). I owe her a debt of gratitude and thanks.

And of course, I have to say thanks to Paul (aka The Geek) and Janine (aka Mrs. Geek). They’re really great people. Thanks to their visit and advice, I was finally pushed over the edge and started on the journey of writing down my long time trading experience for the course that’s now before you.

I also owe a big thanks to David who helped me with the proofreading of this course. I’m also grateful for his creative ideas.

Any of course, the biggest thanks to God.



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> Join our real-time trading chat on WowApp
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