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Betfair Exit Strategy

Betfair Exit Strategy | £15+ Profit

Scale Out is my favourite Betfair exit strategy. It basically means gradual exiting the trade in smaller parts. The ultimate goal in Betfair trading is to manage your risk. It should be an ultimate goal in any form of trading. You can’t never be sure what will happen next in the market. So you have […]

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betfair graphs explained

Betfair Graphs Explained

Betfair graphs explained – read valuable information from any Betfair market and understand the logic behind these graphs. In essence, these graphs display information in a way that many people do not expect. They display every transaction that happened on a particular market, so you can see the whole history of trading in a small picture. […]

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Trading Irish Horse Races

Trading Irish Horse Races | £11+ Profit

Trading Irish Horse races on Betfair is slightly different from British horse races. Irish markets attract less liquidity in general so you can’t usually expect to get huge returns. Anyway, lower liquidity means higher volatility so the price moves more dramatically sometimes. These movements can substitute the lack of liquidity.   Trading Irish Horse Races […]

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betfair market making

Betfair Market Making – Gowran Park | £11+ Profit

Betfair market making is one of my most profitable strategies on Irish horse racing. Almost any market with low liquidity is well suitable for this technique – because of low liquidity, you have a great opportunity to grab very good prices. You can also be first in the queue which gives you even more advantage. However, […]

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Punchestown Horse Racing Tips

Punchestown Horse Racing Tips For Trading | £12+ Profit

My Punchestown horse racing tips for trading are very simple – because there is usually low liquidity (small turnover) on Irish horse racing, I often just make the market. The Irish horse racing is typical for its low turnover and as a result high volatility. You can see this in the market when it often […]

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betfair spoofing

Betfair Spoofing Explained

Betfair spoofing is a strategy used usually by people with deep pockets who try to manipulate the weight of money in the market. These people want to confuse others by placing big bets in the market but they don’t want to match these bets. They only want you to feel the market will go one […]

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australian horse racing strategy

Australian Horse Racing Strategy | £23+ Profit

Scalping the market is my favourite Australian horse racing strategy. I just use quick trends appearing regularly in Australian markets in order to make a profit. You can see these short term moves every day but you have to jump on the right side of the trade. Obviously this is much easier to say than […]

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trading australian horse racing

Trading Australian Horse Racing | £12+ Profit

How to make a profit by trading Australian horse racing? Australian horse racing markets are different from British horse racing markets by a few characteristics. The most important one is – Turnover Charge. In essence, there is a special turnover charge applied on some tracks. The reason is different legislative in some Australian states so […]

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australian horse racing system

Australian Horse Racing System | £10+ Profit

For me, trading bets is by far the best Australian horse racing system I know. All you need to do is just spot when the price is cheap and buy it. Then wait for a while once it goes up and sell with a profit (or vice versa). Sounds easy but application may be a little […]

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trading us horse racing

Trading US Horse Racing | £11+ Profit

When trading US horse racing, you need to know the exact start time of the race. American horse race can start 10 minutes later from what you see in the trading software. It can also start 10 minutes earlier, so you must be watching a live video from the track. Then you can use quick trends or […]

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