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First of all, let me tell you that I’m not a native English speaker and there is a following rule on the whole Sports Trading Exposed website:

  1. Text in italics is unedited (without proofreading).
  2. Text not in italics has been edited by a native English speaker. (The whole book is edited by English speaker as well)

My journey as a sports trader started back in 2006. At that time I was a professional volleyball player and I made a living by being a full time sportsman so it was just a little step from discovering the world of sports betting. I immediately realized there is no chance to win money long term by trying stuff like roulette or video terminals. The house always wins and I recommend anyone to stop feeding owners of these houses. They never bring us anything good.

So I focused on sports betting. I had a strong feeling there is a good chance to win in the long term, especially if I have a solid knowledge of the sport I want to bet on. How naive I was… I could have the best knowledge available but it’s very hard to beat the house as well. Traditional bookmakers and especially those on the streets must pay their CEO’s and thousands of employees. In other words – their margins are that big and prices that low so it’s very hard to get into the green numbers.

And if you suddenly start winning, they will immediately lower your betting limits or ban your account at all. There are only a handful of bookmakers that will let you win in the long term and let you use reasonable amounts of money so you can earn for living. Long story short – sports betting wasn’t made for me but I didn’t give up. I felt there must be a way to earn money in this industry.

One day, it was in early 2006, I have found a screenshot from a betting exchange. Basically, it looked like the picture below:

Sports Trading Exposed

(which is my biggest single trade by the way)

I was impressed because that screen basically told me there is an option to win whatever is the result of a sporting event. And just knowing about this fact made me desperate to know all about it. That is how I found a betting exchange. The concept of buying & selling odds instead of picking a winner was something what amazed me.

I started to study very hard. It wasn’t easy because I am not a native English speaker and at that time, I wasn’t able to understand English at all. Also, there was a very little information available about sports trading. I had to overcome many obstacles and I had to find my own path. After a few months of study & preparation I decided to finally start trading with real money.

My first deposit was equivalent of £25 and nobody has ever prepared me to what I will experience in a live market. I quickly realized that sports trading won’t be a walk in the park and that I have to constantly learn how to do less and less mistakes if I want to survive.

Sports Trading After 11 Years:

And after more than a decade on a betting exchange, I can say – “I did it.” It was a long way during which I have turned my initial deposit to more than £250,000 and now, I reveal all I have learned.

If you have any questions, please let me know via forums.