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trading us horse racing

Trading US Horse Racing | £11+ Profit

When trading US horse racing, you need to know the exact start time of the race. American horse race can start 10 minutes later from what you see in the trading software. It can also start 10 minutes earlier, so you must be watching a live video from the track. Then you can use quick trends or […]

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trading american horse racing

Trading American Horse Racing | £8+ Profit

To become profitable by trading american horse racing, you have to understand a few important characteristics of american markets. They usually don’t go in-play so you have to be sure to close your trading positions before the start of the race. And the start of the race may be different from what you see in […]

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american horse racing strategy

American Horse Racing Strategy | £10+ Profit

In this article I want to show you some simple American horse racing strategy. You can simply take opportunity of a low liquid market and capitalize on a quick trends made by bigger bettors.   American Horse Racing Strategy Video Description: 0:10 – US horse racing typically has low liquidity but sometimes there are big […]

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