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Betfair Scalping Tips - Flat Market

Betfair Scalping Tips – Flat Market | £64+ Profit

In this article I want to share my Betfair scalping tips for a flat market. Flat market is the one which doesn’t move up or down significantly. The graph of a flat market just moves in a predefined corridor. This type of market is great for scalping. The stronger the support and resistance levels in the […]

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Betfair Scalping Strategy

Betfair Scalping Strategy | £59+ Profit

Betfair scalping strategy is my favourite way to make a profit on British horse racing. When scalping, I usually make many quick trades and I try to use short term fluctuations in the market. The market never sleeps and it always moves up and down. Especially in the last 10 minutes before the start of […]

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